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Kinda, Sorta Made in Indiana

Everyone I know wants to make bikes in this country and it is always one of the first questions I get from buyers, "Where is the Tantrum manufactured?" And the answer is, Taiwan. Not China, but almost.

I briefly worked with a company that was adamant there is a demand for American made bikes and he found out what the rest of the industry already knows: the American consumer wants an affordable product and for now, that means almost all bikes are made in Taiwan or mainland China. Slowly factories are shifting to less developed countries, not shifting back here, to the states.

But as Steve Jobs was quick to point out, iphones are "proudly designed in California" and I'd like to give a shout out to my great state of Indiana where the Tantrum is designed and assembled!

It is rare to find a mountain bike that has been more lovingly assembled that these. I inspect every piece and test ride each bike before it is shipped. I had groom every frame. These are very much custom bikes that are kinda, sorta made in the USA.

#tantrumcycles #mountainbikes #customemademountainbikes #mountainbikesmadeintheusa

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