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Why Start A Bike Company ? And Other Signs Of Dementia

People ask me why, at age 60, I started Tantrum Cycles. In an uncertain economy, with declining bike sales worldwide, why now?

The short answer? To get the design out there. Existing companies are soft on innovation. I've heard it over and over that bikes are "as good as they can be. There is no where else to go."

This statement is crazier than me starting a bike company.

Thinking that the human mind can't continue to improve upon current bike designs is truly crazy. I'm an engineer and a life long rider. I'll be designing innovative bike concepts until they lock me away. We can always be better. My design is vastly better than anything on the market today.

Every rider who has tested the Tantrum, has agreed it was better than their existing bike. See what the media has to say here.

The Missing Link suspension is the link that has been missing between motorcycle suspension and bicycle suspension. It connects the primal need for bump absorption with the advanced evolution of pedaling and climbing performance, all without levers or electronics. The rider doesn't have to do anything but keep pedaling.


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