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When Haters Become Fans

Many of you know that I've taken a beaten on some of the forums and that's turned into one of the most satisfying things of this journey from designer to bike company owner. Many people say their bike can do what my design actually does. It's natural that people are going to be skeptical--when so many have let them down in the past.

I toured the country giving demo rides and universally, every last rider was a convert. The only ones who didn't buy a bike were either out of money or had just bought a new bike recently.

One former hater, Leland Turner, met up with me at my booth at Interbike in September. Leland was so impressed with the Meltdown that he kept bringing his friends back to the booth to see the bike. In this video below he was explaining the technology to another rider in a moment of sweet pride for me.

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