Aluminum Frame, 162MM Travel, 27.5" Wheels

Aluminum Frame, 125MM Travel, 29" Wheels

Modular Design allows multiple configurations

The modular design of the Meltdown/Outburst series offers many unique advantages.  

By changing the bolt-on dropouts, you can use either 142 x 12 OR 148 x 12 Boost wheels. (148 x 12 is standard).  

By changing the dropouts, rocker arms, shock and shock mount, Either Meltdown or Outburst frame can be configured into one of 5 different models. With the right parts mix and front fork);  

You can turn a standard Meltdown (27.5 x 160 mm travel/160 fork) into:  

Meltdown RACE: Slacker geo, 180mm fork, 160 mm rr, 27.5 fr & rr

Outburst: 140 mm fork, 125 mm rr, 29” fr and rr  

Outburst RACE:: 150 mm fork, slacker geo, 125 mm rear, 29" fr & rr

Outburst XC: Steeper geo, 125 mm fork, 125 mm rr, 29” fr and rr

Downburst: 150 mm x 29 front, 165 mm x 27.5 rear

The Outburst can be similarly configured into all models with a parts swap.